Clinical Trials Should Have A Category For The Elderly

Elderly people on computer QMA physicians keep the patient’s individual situation in mind when prescribing chemotherapy or immune-therapy. Certain calculations are part of prescribing an effective dose of medication – the patient’s total surface area, age, and general health. These considerations help patients tolerate treatment with fewer side effects. Clinical trials do not typically account for these factors when dosages are set up for the FDA-approved list of medications that are part of their trial regimen, except to distinguish doses for children and adults. The author of the American Society of Community Oncologists (ASCO) press release (see below) is asking that those who design trials create a new category for the elderly so that they can be more likely screened to be included in trials. It is important to expand the availability of clinical trials. According to the American College of  Surgeons (ACS) Commission on Cancer (CoC), currently less that 5% of cancer patients participate in clinical trials. By creating a category for the elderly, that small number might grow. Click here to read ASCO Press Release Written by: Karen Eisenberg, RN, MPS Director of Clinical ResearchLeave a reply