How Does Oncology Care Model Help You?

OCM LogoWe have great news for you! From now on, Medicare patients will be getting more coordinated, higher quality cancer care! Queen’s Medical Associates has been selected to participate in a special Medicare program called Oncology Care Model, or in short OCM. This program was designed to provide you with more coordinated and higher quality care. So what does that mean? • Our physicians will have secure access to your up-to-date electronic medical records day and night. We are open late some days and we can often help you without the need to go to the emergency room. • We will provide you with a detailed care plan that will give you a clear picture of your condition, who is responsible for certain aspects of your care and what to expect during your treatment. • You will also get a survivorship plan including a summary of treatment and information on recommended follow up activities and surveillance, as well as risk reduction and health promotion activities. • We will coordinate with health professionals and make sure all your test results are received before your doctor’s appointment, so you leave with more answers than questions. • We will also provide you access to additional resources such as, emotional support groups transportation, nutrition services and clinical trials that may offer cutting edge therapy not available elsewhere. • Finally, we will give you a summary of the total cost of all your cancer related services, regardless of who’s paying the bill. Now, if you’re asking yourself if OCM is going to cost you anything the answer is: absolutely not! And, you are still free to choose any health care provider, and your Medicare rights and protections remain the same. So where’s the catch? Well, for this great program to be effective, we must have your help! We understand there are times when you may want other kinds of medical care, but • We need you to notify us so we can coordinate all medical care with your treatment. • Medicare will send you a survey to complete. Please fill it out and return it so we can use your input to improve our services to you. • And remember, we are here for you, 24/7, contact us first! We are here to help you and your family, and to make your journey as safe, convenient and effective as we can. Please contact us if you have any questions and… welcome to Oncology Care Model!Leave a reply