What is patient

Patient navigation is free personalized assistance offered to patients, families, and caregivers to help overcome barriers and access medical and psychosocial care in a timely manner. Patient Navigators work with patients from pre-diagnosis through all phases of the cancer experience.

What are the key benefits
of patient navigation?

A new cancer diagnosis can be overwhelming. Our Patient Navigators help by being your advocate and guide throughout the course of diagnosis, treatment and survivorship. They assess for clinical, emotional, spiritual, psychosocial, and financial needs.

Our patient navigators

1. Are an ongoing consistent point of contact.
2. Link you to community resources such as transportation, home care, meal delivery, and support groups.
3. Provide education on insurances and benefits.
4. Offer emotional support during difficult and stressful times.
5. Collaborate and coordinate care with your other providers.

When should I contact a
Patient Navigator?

The best time to meet with a Patient Navigator is at the beginning of
treatment. However, a Patient Navigator can be a great asset at any
point in your journey. At Queens Medical Associates, we believe that
active participation in your care, with our guidance and assistance,
will lead you to a more engaging experience with the healthcare system.