Patient Responsibilities

As a our patient, we rely on you to do your part in your healthcare. We want you to be aware of what we expect from you to allow us to best support you.

  • Please know your medications and notify us of any changes.
  • Please know your allergies and notify us of any changes.
  • Please report changes in your condition to your provider.
  • Follow the directions and plan of care offered by your provider.
  • Please fill out all questionnaires. A detailed history helps us provide the best care.
  • Please notify us of any insurance changes or any changes in your address.
  • Please bring your insurance cards and identification with you to all visits.
  • Please make sure to obtain referrals from your primary care physicians.
  • Please meet the financial obligations for services provided as promptly as possible.
  • Please arrive to all appointments at the scheduled time.
  • Should you need to cancel your appointment, please notify us at least 24 hours in advance.
  • Please be honest about matters that relate to your care.
  • Follow QMA policies to communicate and facilitate your care.
  • Please be considerate and respectful of the rights of your fellow patients and staff.
  • Please honor the confidentiality and privacy of other patients.
  • Know the staff members who are caring for you.
  • Please notify the Compliance Officer, or Executive Director, if you feel your rights are being or have been violated.

Patient Bill of Rights

At Queens Medical Associates, we’re working hard every day to bring our vision of healthcare to life. We want you to share in that vision, to understand your rights and to have the highest expectations when it comes to your care.

You have the right to:

  • Quality care without discrimination
  • Knowledge of the professional status of your doctor
  • Participate in your healthcare
  • Be examined in private
  • Privacy and confidentiality
  • Understand your financial obligations prior to treatment
  • Your prognosis and choices
  • Research & clinical trials
  • Access your medical record
  • A second opinion
  • Have a family member with you
  • Know the names and the titles/roles of our staff
  • Have your advance directive on file
  • Recourse