Nurses play an important role in caring for patients at Queens Medical Associates, P.C Nurses bring extraordinary knowledge, experience, and expertise to your care, because they specialize in helping people with your particular type of cancer. Nurses will help you through your experience at Queens Medical Associates, P.C.

At Queens Medical Associates, P.C., nurses collaborate with doctors and other members of your patient care team to develop a treatment plan that is right for you. The nurses on your team provide a range of services — administering therapies, monitoring your treatment and watching out for side effects, educating you and your family about what to expect during treatment, and offering emotional support. Nurses also help coordinate your appointments, communicate important information to various members of your patient care team, and keep track of other details related to your treatment. Nurses at Queens Medical Associates, P.C.  maintain a patient-centered focus, placing your needs and preferences first.

Outpatient nurses perform a variety of services collaborating with the physicians, including  providing patients and their families with a consistent source of information, education, and support during office visits and home care.  The outpatient nurse in collaboration with the physician, can provide expert advice as well as referrals to specialists in other departments such as social work, nutrition, smoking cessation, and integrative medicine.Nurses who administer chemotherapy, biologic therapy, and other therapies through intravenous infusion receive specialized education.  The majority of our nurses are Oncology Certified by New York State and are often the members of the treatment team with whom you will have the most contact.